American Eagle Leatherworks Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do your saddlebag prices include the cost of the quick detach brackets?
    No, they are priced separately since some customers already have quick detach brackets or some other means of attachment.

  2. Why aren't the quick detach brackets already installed on the saddlebags?
    We find that very few customers have a completely stock bike. By allowing the customer to choose exactly where to place the bag, many more bikes can be outfitted with saddlebags whether the customer has changed pipes, turn signals, or shocks.

  3. Do the brackets have to be placed in the center of the bags?
    No, the brackets can be placed anywhere on the back of the bag. This is because we manufacture the bags with steel plate in the back, so there's plenty of support, no matter where the bracket is placed.

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  4. Can I use your quick detach brackets on my existing saddlebags?
    Yes, provided the backs of the bags are hard and flat.

  5. Are your saddlebags lockable?

  6. What does your warranty cover, and how long is it?
    Our warranty is for the lifetime of the original purchaser, regardless of mileage, under normal riding conditions (not in an accident). It specifically covers stitching, rivets, studs, buckles, turn buckles, and zippers.

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  7. Can you do repairs?
    Yes. Of course, we only work on American Eagle Leatherworks products. If you've been in an accident and need some repairs, we will need to look at the bags in order to determine what repairs are needed. If you need just one bag replaced, we can do that, too, in most cases.

  8. Will I need to relocate my turn signals to accommodate your saddlebags?
    Not necessarily. Please refer to our Brackets section for specifics on individual bikes, or call us.

  9. Some other saddlebag companies measure the capacity of their saddlebags in liters or 12 oz. cans, why don't you?
    Liquid measure or drink cans don't relate easily to clothing storage. We measure in inches. That way, you can decide for yourself just how many jeans, t-shirts, etc. you can pack.

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  10. Do you have saddlebags for the Harley Deuce?
    We sure do. You can use the Original Grand Canyon (see below left) if the bike is completely stock. If the rear turn signals have been moved back further on the strut, you can use the Midi Grand Canyon (see below center). If the turn signals have been relocated and the exhaust pipes are lower, you can use the Original Rendezvous (see below right). We also have a quick detach bracket for the Deuce!

    Above, 2003 Screamin' Eagle Deuce with Original Grand canyon saddlebags mounted with quick release brackets

    Above, Midi Grand Canyon plain and studded saddlebags.

    Above, Original Rendezvous plain and studded saddlebags.

  11. Do you have saddlebags for metric bikes?
    Sure! We have saddlebags for most cruisers, whether Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory, Triumph, Indian, or Excelsior Henderson. Quick detach, too!

  12. I have a quick detachable luggage rack/sissybar on my Harley. Will your quick detachable saddlebags work with this?

  13. What is left on the bike when the saddlebags come off?
    All that is left are polished stainless docking stations with chrome button head bolts. The only exception is the Harley Deuce, where there is also a polished stainless base station in addition to the docking stations.

  14. Can I buy the saddlebags factory direct?
    Of course, and you can do this online or on the phone (864-414-0666). Believe it or not, the phone is usually best since there are several questions we will want to ask about your bike.

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  15. Why don't you have a toll free phone number?
    We tried that, but after the first 250 calls for American Eagle Outfitters in a matter of 3 days, we gave up.

  16. Do your bags hold their shape?
    Absolutely. A significant part of the purchase price is invested in total saddlebag reinforcement. Much of what you don't see is the hand crafting of hidden steel and ABS reinforcement throughout our saddlebags.

  17. Can I use your saddlebags on my current and future bike?
    Yes, we intend for you to use them on more than one motorcycle. In fact, if you know what your future bike will be, we can often suggest a style that will work on your current bike, and your dream bike, too.

  18. Do you offer throw-over saddlebags?
    Yes, by custom order only.

  19. Are your products American made?
    You bet!

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Ignacio, CO
Phone: (864) 414-0666

For a free color catalog please call or use the online Catalog Request Form. For customer service or general information please call or e-mail:

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