Clockwise from upper left: Sissybar Cooler, Bagger Cooler
Sissybar Cooler shown in photo at right
Our Coolers are insulated — really insulated! Keeps cold stuff cold for 12 hours, won't leak, won't sweat — guaranteed! Two styles to choose from: Sissybar Cooler which straps around the sissybar and sits on a luggage rack or back seat, and also fits inside our Standard and Jumbo Beach Street sissybar bags and most saddlebags. Bagger Cooler fits inside fiberglass saddlebags.

Description   Price     Shipping     Quantity  
Sissybar Cooler $59.00 each $15.00
Bagger Cooler $69.00 each $15.00

Ignacio, CO
Phone: (864) 414-0666

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